WAYIGF 24 Theme: Building Bridges: Enhancing Multistakeholder Cooperation for Growth and Sustainable Development

  • This year’s theme underscores the importance of inclusivity and partnership in addressing the challenges and harnessing the opportunities of the digital age. This year’s theme aligns closely with the overarching theme of disruptive technologies in the region and Artificial Intelligence. As disruptive technologies continue to reshape our economies and societies, it is essential to bridge the gaps between the relevant stakeholders, including government, private sector, civil society, and academia. 


    • Keynote Addresses: Inspirational speeches from leaders in government, tech industry, and civil society, including a special address from a representative of the Senegalese Ministry.

    • Interactive Panels: Engaging discussions on digital inclusion, AI, and the role of youth in shaping digital policy, featuring experts and young innovators.

    • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, and industry leaders through dedicated networking sessions and activities.

    • Youth Resolutions: Collaborate with fellow participants to draft and present a set of youth-driven resolutions on internet governance and digital policy in the subregion.


    • Instagram Live: xx June 2024 via Instagram (@wayigf)