The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) stands as a pivotal multistakeholder platform facilitating policy dialogues that tackle current and emerging issues within the Internet governance ecosystem. Devoted to fostering the sustainability, robustness, security, stability, and overall development of the Internet, the IGF places a special emphasis on facilitating content development and ensuring universal access to information and knowledge. 

The West African Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) is a regional initiative that brings together various stakeholders to discuss and address internet-related issues in West Africa. It serves as a collaborative platform for governments, civil society organizations, academia, private sector representatives, and technical communities to engage in meaningful dialogue concerning Internet governance. First organized in 2008 , WAIGF plays a pivotal role in hosting regional Internet Governance Forum initiatives across West Africa. This collaborative effort ensures comprehensive and inclusive discussions on matters crucial to the continued development and governance of the Internet in the West African context.

Objectives of the WAIGF

The West African Internet Governance Forum (WAIGF) strives to advance awareness, capacity-building, digital transformation, content development, and socio-economic development through inclusive, multi-stakeholder dialogue.

Convene Regional and National Forums:

WAIGF organizes the annual regional event, providing a prominent platform that brings together participants from across West Africa to deliberate on key Internet governance topics. In addition, we actively support and collaborate with national and regional IGF initiatives, fostering dialogue at local levels.

Facilitate Multi-stakeholder Engagement:

WAIGF actively encourages the involvement of diverse stakeholders in our discussions and decision-making processes. By offering a neutral and inclusive platform, we promote collaboration, ensuring that all perspectives are heard and considered.

Policy Advocacy:

WAIGF is committed to advocating for policies and regulations that foster an open, secure, and inclusive Internet in West Africa. We engage with policymakers, contribute to policy development processes, and provide evidence-based recommendations to shape the digital future of the region.

Capacity Building:

Recognizing the importance of expertise and knowledge in Internet governance, WAIGF organizes capacity-building workshops, training sessions, and educational resources. This includes our West Africa School of Internet Governance. These initiatives aim to empower individuals and organizations with the necessary skills and understanding of internet governance processes. 

Knowledge Sharing:

WAIGF facilitates the exchange of best practices, research, and experiences on Internet governance within West Africa and beyond. Through publications, reports, and online platforms, we promote the sharing of valuable insights, contributing to a collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities in our digital landscape.